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“Heather's approach to Governance was professional, of high quality, efficient yet friendly and approachable”

- Headteacher – The Cotswold School Academy



Clerk to the Governors Service for an individual School or MAT – Please get in touch to discuss the details of your hourly requirement and contracted period and my availability.

Governing Board

Clerking Services to the Governing Board

£25.00 per hour

Full Governing Board

Attendance and Clerking of an adhoc Full Governing Board Meeting

£20.00 per hour

Committee Meetings

Attendance and Clerking of an adhoc Committee Meeting

£20.00 per hour

Head Teacher Performance Panel

Clerking for a Head Teacher Performance Panel

£20.00 per hour

Complaints Panel

Clerking for a Complaints Panel

£25.00 per hour.

Pupil Exclusion Panel

Clerking for a Pupil Exclusion Panel Hearing

£25.00 per hour

Admission Panel

Clerking for an Admission Panel Hearing

£25.00 per hour

Staff Disciplinary

Clerking for a Staff Disciplinary Hearing

£25.00 per hour

Governance Review

Total inclusive price of £1000.00